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Zootechnical farm

- 10 cowsheds which have 900 buffalos in total. Each of these cowshed are formed with a paddock in cement with shelters and at the end of each paddock there is a garden with a pool for the well-being of the animals.
- 3 cowsheds which have 700 buffalos in total. Each of these cowshed has a birth-room and a nursery.
- 2 milking rooms with computerized milking machines with 44 posts, a with shower-room and a conservation room.
- 2 veterinary visiting fences
- 2 workshops with garages
- 2 veterinary laboratories
- 2 tank systems for the separation of the dung and urine with a capacity of 4000 cubic meters of liquid and 1000 of solid administration and registrar of births offices

The zootechnical farm has about 1500 buffalos in which 800 adults and 600 young calves. 500 buffalos are milked 2 times a day, with a medium of 23 quintal (100kg=220.461 lb) a year each buffalo.
The artificial fertilization from the 80's allows us to change the birth of the buffalo calves which in nature occurs in fall but we prefer that it occurs in spring and summer for the request of the milk market.