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visita del duca d'Aosta nell'allevamento di cavalli nel salernitano di Cesare , Umberto e Giovanni Iemma. Giuseppe Iemma partendo da sinistra: Benito, Antonio, Cesare e Ugo Iemma, i figli di Giuseppe Iemma Ugo Iemma- Torre Lupara "cancelli aperti, nell'ambito del congresso mondiale bufalino" Bufalaro Torre Lupara -Pastorano anni 1970 azienda agricola-zootecnica Torre Lupara dall'alto -Pastorano anni 1970

The history

Cesare Antonio Benito and Ugo brothers breeders of horses and buffalos in the Salerno zone in consequenze of the Second World War and the disembarking of the american forces were forced to abbandon their farm of their father to transfer to Caserta in the Torre Lupara zone. The transfer of the animals was difficult and dangerous: during three adventurous journeys about 3oo herds were transfered from Salerno to Torre Lupara with the help of only horses. After intensive work of reclamation and land improvements, the Iemma brothers founded 3 baffalo agricultural-zootechnical farms: "Il Mulino" of Cesare Iemma, "Ischitella" of Antonio Iemma and "Torre Lupara" of Ugo Iemma. Ugo Iemma was the first person in the world to have the idea, after turning the buffalo milk in mozzarella, ricotta, provola, and butter, to put this products in the modern commercial. Mr Ugo dedicated a lot in animal farming, infact he invented together with a Belgian industry the first milking machine merry go round in Europe, which was also adapted by the cow breeding farmers. He also introduced new methods in nourishment of the buffalo and imported from America new machinery the fodder-cutter, for the cultivation of maize (corn) allowing the farmers to conserve large amounts of maize in silos. In 1970 after receiving the request of mr Pablo Moser who later became the president of the Buffalo World Association in 1997, mr Ugo sent 700 buffaloes in Venezuela.

In 1980 the sons of Ugo Iemma continued the family tradition: Giuseppe devoted to zootechnical part, Alfredo in the industrial transformation of the buffalo milk and Cesare in the agricultural farm "Torre Lupara".
Giuseppe Iemma built the first laboratory in Torre Lupara for studying the genealogy of the buffalo and for the artificial fertilization accelerating the improvement of the genetic on the fathers side. He also exported the Mediterranean buffalo in Congo Peru Spain and Germany.

In 1983 Alfredo founded the company Agricola Casearia Lupara Ltd in which he is the director and he was the first businessman to introduce during the transformation of the milk the method mechanized of the kneading and stretching machine and the forming machine. He distributes the mozzarella of buffalo not only in Italy but also in Japan, America, Australia, Repubblica Domenicana, Thailandia and Canada. In 1990 Cesare the last born of Ugo become the director of the zootechnical-agriculture farm "Torre Lupara" and Giuseppe Iemma founded another farm "Roana" in Latina Roma.